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Sub-Association Information
Sub-Association Information
  • Faire Harbour
Community Manager, Jay Bitter
  • Highland Light Estates
Community Manager, Selena Craig
scraig@ammcor.com or 949.661.7767 x 261
  • Highland Light Gate
Community Manager, Victoria Gish
vgish@powerstonepm.com or 949.372.4047
  • Highland Light Gates RFID Tag Form Owner
  • Homeowners need to go to www.gateaccess.net for any changes to guest list. Any other changes such as residents living in the household need to be emailed to Kelly MacInnis directly.
  • Frontera Gate House: 949-492-2241
    Turqueza Gate House: 949-369-6609
  • Highland Light Village
Community Manager, Samantha Wiggins
  • New Providence
Community Manager, Sarah Basko
SBasko@powerstonepm.com or 949.716.3998  
  • Signal Pointe
Community Manager, Sue Norman
Sue@tpms.net or 714.557.5900
  • For safe listing, homeowners can contact Nordic Security at 714-751-0347
  • Summit at Highland Light
Community Manager, Sue Norman
Sue@tpms.net or 714.557.5900